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In order to accomplish the program goals, the curriculum reflects the program's philosophical dimensions. The balance achieved in the education of the resident reflects the diversity required in actual practice. The curriculum accents all three facets of family medicine activities: hospital-based, office-based, and community-based. The curriculum is updated as necessary to reflect the changing requirements of the accrediting boards.

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First Year
4 months    Inpatient Medicine
2 months   Pediatrics/1-month inpatient/1-month outpatient
2 months   Obstetrics
2 months   Surgery (inpatient & outpatient)
1 month   Emergency Medicine
1 month   ICU
  One-half day or more per week in the Family Medicine Center depending on rotation

Second Year
2 months    Family Medicine
1 month   Emergency Medicine at DHM Urgent Care
1 month   GYN
4 months   Inpatient Medicine/3 months + 1 month night float
1 month   Dermatology
3 weeks   Hospice & Palliative Medicine
1 week   Community Medicine*
2 months   Medicine Subspecialty Elective
  Two one-half days per week or more in the Family Medicine Center depending on rotation

Third Year
3 months    Electives
3 months   Internal Medicine / Chief Resident 2 months + 1 month Night Float
1 month
  Outpatient Pediatrics
1 month   Pediatrics ER
1 month   Cardiology
1 month   ENT/OPHT/Urology/Management of Health Systems
1 month   Orthopedics
1 month   Sports Medicine
  Three one-half days per week in the Family Medicine Center depending on rotation
     *Continuity experiences during 2nd and 3rd year include Extended Care Facility scheduled visits, home visits, community medicine including addiction medicine, public health, home health, school physicals, sports physicals

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