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Family Medicine Residency Goals

The Doctors' Hospital of Michigan Family Medicine Residency is a three-year program with six positions available each year. The award-winning program is a major affiliate of the Wayne State University School of Medicine. All required rotations are available at the main hospital campus in Pontiac, Michigan.

Program Goals

The mission of the Doctors' Hospital of Michigan' Family Medicine Residency program is to educate its graduates to be competent, caring, dedicated and effective family physicians. This goal has several dimensions:

  • To provide comprehensive health maintenance and continuing medical care to entire family units.
  • To acquire the scientific and humane concepts of family medicine as derived from other medical and non-medical sources, as well as the growing body of knowledge developed by family medicine research.
  • To educate patients on the essentials of routine health maintenance and good health care practices.
  • To assume an advocate's role with respect to problems of patients and families.
  • To use appropriate consultation and referral, while coordinating the overall care of the patient.
  • To assume a community orientation to one's practice, wherein patients are viewed as a part of the larger community's concerns and needs.

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