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Salary & Benefits Information

Printable Benefits & Salary Sheet

PGY1 $42,564
PGY2 $44,157
PGY3 $45,734

Meals. Free while on duty

Uniforms. Four laboratory coats are issued upon employment. Two additional coats are furnished each succeeding year. 

Disability Insurance
. Both short and long term disability insurance are furnished and provide income protection through age 65.

Life Insurance. One times annual salary rounded to the nearest thousand.  

Dental Insurance. Delta Dental CO-payment plan, covers both resident and dependents. 

Medical Insurance. Star Care PPOM (DHofM'S Managed Care Insurance), covers both resident and dependents. 

Optical Insurance
. Free eye exam and allowance toward purchase of glasses or contact lenses every two years, covers resident and dependents. 

Professional Liability Insurance
. Insurance with tail provided by DHofM. 

Professional Memberships
. Reimbursement up to $50/year for membership in professional societies. 

. Three weeks per year. 

Conference.  1 week per year.

Conference/Educational Allowance
PGY1 $600, plus $50 toward dues
PGY2 $800, plus $50 toward dues
PGY3 $1000, plus $50 toward dues
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