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Tuesday, April 10, 2012 - Family Medicine Center at DHM Becomes Oakland Integrated Health Center Clinic

Family Medicine Center at Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan Now

Oakland Integrated Health Network FMC

-OCCMHA Creates Non-Profit Healthcare Organization-

     Jeff Brown, executive director at OCCMHA, recently announced the opening of OHIN’s first clinic site at the Family Medicine Center (FMC) located at Doctor’s Hospital of Michigan in Pontiac. Previously operated by Doctor’s Hospital of Michigan, FMC has a rich history of serving Pontiac residents and neighboring communities for more than 35 years. Its highly qualified team of healthcare professionals consists of more than 20 licensed physicians, a full support staff, and primary care services for people of all ages. 

     OIHN’s future plans include applying to the federal government for Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or FQHC look-alike approval status.  FQHC status provides additional funding and resource opportunities, allowing even more access for people who historically fail to receive adequate care.  Securing additional FQHCs in Michigan is part of Governor Snyder’s Health and Wellness plan, presented in September 2011. Currently, there is only one other FQHC in Oakland County.

     Plans are also underway to open more clinic sites in Oakland County throughout the next year, including Waterford and an additional Pontiac location. The long-term goal is to develop sites at all Oakland County locations where public mental health services and support are currently provided.

     For more information about Oakland Integrated Healthcare Network and future announcements visit

     The change from The DHM Family Medicine Center to OIHN FMC will not be recognizable to patients, noted Nikhil Hemady, MD, the Director of the Family Medicine Center at Doctors’ Hospital, but it will mean that the FMC will be one of two clinics in Oakland County that is approved by the Federal Government. The Family Medicine residency program at Doctors’ Hospital is not affected by the change, noted Dr. Hemady, who also oversees the residency program. 

The benefits of hosting a FQHC for Doctors’ Hospital include the ability to entice new family medicine physicians to the hospital as a result of the medical school loan forgiveness program.  This new program forgives up to $50,000 in medical school loans in exchange for providing health to the indigent and uninsured.  As an approved FQHC, Oakland County social service agencies will send their clients to the OIHN Family Medicine Center at Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan, providing more patients to the hospital’s ancillary medical services such as radiology, oncology, and surgery.

     The Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority (OCCMHA) worked with the FMC to create the OIHN. 


DHM is a community hospital based in Pontiac that was established in 2008 as Michigan’s first for-profit, acute-care hospital with physician ownership.   Services include Emergency Medicine, a 10-bed ICU, 7-Suite Surgical Unit, Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Cardiology, Lab Services, Behavioral Medicine, Acute Medical Surgery & Recovery, Physical Therapy, Endoscopy, and a nationally-recognized Intensive PT program for the treatment of children with Cerebral Palsy, Euro-Peds.  DHM operates the Pain Relief Center, a Family Medicine Residency Program and a designated Patient-Centered Medical Home at their Family Medicine Center.  Other off-site clinics owned and operated by DHM are the Waterford Ambulatory Care Center & Urgent Care, Oakland ASC Surgical Center, RT Specialists Durable Medical Equipment, and Clarkston Diagnostic Radiology.

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