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Green Initiative
The Green Doctors Initiative is a volunteer committee composed of DHM employees concerned about making sustainability a top priority for the company.

The goals of the Green Doctors are to: 

  • Raise awareness among staff about sustainable work practices, thus reducing waste and cost, and lessening our facility‚Äôs impact on the natural environment. 
  • Measure a baseline and benchmarks for cost/energy savings going forward.
To date, the committee has started pilot recycling programs at subsidiary locations and with several departments in the main hospital. The committee is also focused on educating employees on sustainable work practices.

In the last quarter of 2009, before a comprehensive program was in place,  hospital employees & volunteers collected over 7,000 pounds of recyclables. According Abitibi Paper Retriever, this is approximately equal to:
                     Saving 60 trees,
                     Powering 7 homes for one month,
                     Or taking 8 cars off the road for 1 day.

As of January 2010, we believe we are the first hospital in Oakland County successfully implementing a comprehensive recycling program - our aim is to recycle as much paper, cardboard and plastic as we can throughout the main campus and satellite facilities. Cardboard alone is estimated to make up about 20% of the hospital's waste stream.

Here are just a few of the sustainability measures in place at Doctors' Hospital:

1. Facilities is using only Energy efficient Fluorescent lighting.
2. Incandescent light bulbs have been changed over to compact energy efficient fluorescents.
3. The entrance to the Seminole Center has an in-ground snow melting systems that does not use salt.
4. Facilities recycles materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, batteries etc.
5. Motion sensors have been install in many rooms which automatically shut off lights when not in use.
6. Boilers and Generators receive annual tune-ups to insure they are operating efficiently.
7. Only environmentally friendly refrigerants are used in the air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
8. Environmentally friendly anti freezes are used whenever possible.
9. Latex paints are used primarily in the facility.
10. Environmentally friendly solvents are used whenever possible.
11. Ongoing energy management studies to reduce the energy usage of the facility.
For more information, or to participate, please email
Doctors Hospital Of Michigan, 461 West Huron, Pontiac, MI 48341

Phone: (248) 857-7200

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