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Pay My Bill
We are currently changing our online payment process and it is temporarily offline. However, we offer several options to pay your bill:

  • Call (248) 857-6832 and use your Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit card. We accept a wide variety of insurances (see “Insurances” list on separate form)

 Self-Pay Discount Payment Options

  • Discount/Prompt Payment – 30% discount of charges if paid within 10 business days. Additional 10% discount if balance is paid within 3 business days. Based on approval. To request this options, email or apply in person at Doctors’ Hospital, 461 W. Huron St., Patient Access Dept., Pontiac, MI 48341, or call (248) 857-6832.
  • Payment Plan – available without added interest rates and finance charges. Based on approval. Can be scheduled for weekly, biweekly or monthly. To request a Payment Plan, email or apply in person at 461 W. Huron St., Ponitac, or call (248) 857-6832
  • Charity Care - Please fill out the Charity Care Billing Application and email the completed form to, or fax it to (248) 857-7192, or apply in person. Charity applications are designed to assist in determining the amount of total charges that can be adjusted off for services rendered. This amount can range from 10% to 100% of total charges. Based on approval. You will need a recent Medicaid denial letter to qualify for this option.

 Urgent Care Service

  • For Urgent Care patients, your deductibles as assigned by your health plan are expected at the time services are rendered and can be paid by cash, check or major credit card. If you have no health insurance coverage during an Urgent Care visit a deposit will be expected at time of service.

Payment Sites

In person:
M-F 7am-4:30pm
Doctors’ Hospital of Michigan
Patient Access Department,
461 W. Huron Street
Pontiac, MI 48341

By Credit Card:
(248) 857-6832 and use
your credit card.


  By Mail:
Doctors' Hospital of Michigan
4947 Reliable Parkway
Chicago, IL 60686-0049




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